HUNZA GLOBAL has extensive experience serving multitudes of industries over the years. This experience has provided Hunza Global with the knowledge of industry specific challenges.


Bringing sustainability and innovation together for masses

Hunza Global Ventures was founded with a mission to source and spread new inventions & technologies that are solutions to some of world’s biggest challenges including plastic pollution, worsening global warming, human health, and rising poverty.

These solutions range from

  1. Water filtration, purification, treatment and drinking water solutions to eliminate use of single-use plastic
  2. Nanotechnology-based lubricants, and additives to extend the life of automotive equipment
  3. Nano-hybrid protective coatings for protection of all kinds of surfaces
  4. Cutting edge technologies to minimize consumption of fuel and engine oils
  5. Advance filtration solutions for diesel, bio-diesel conversion and oils
  6. Advice & consultancy on sustainability initiatives and programs


In pursuit of material progress, humanity has exploited the resources of planet earth in an irresponsible manner. Unfortunately the negative impacts of these exploitation and carelessness has accelerated in recent modern history. This reckless attitude and short-sightedness have now placed us in a situation which cannot be sustained any longer.

Abnormal and extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels, melting glacier, increasing global temperatures, plastic pollution are existential threats to humanity. We must do everything we can, as individuals and businesses to not only limit but minimize these threats. Else, we will keep witnessing communities being burnt down to ashes in wildfires, masses perished due to disease outbreaks, cities wiped out by floods & typhoons, animals & people dying of hunger, drought, pollution and heat.

Therefore, it is crucial that we rethink our behavior and make achieving sustainability a priority – for the sake of our future generations. Businesses must make environmental protection a preference over profits and align activities with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Let’s work together to leave this planet a livable place for our future generations!

Drinking water solutions to eliminate use of single-use plastic, Sustainable bottles & drinkware Nanotechnology-based lubricants, and additives to extend the life of automotive equipment and, Cutting edge technologies to minimize consumption of fuel and engine oil in automotive and industrial machines.


United Nations's Sustainable Development Goals


We are supporting 10 out of these 17 goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Climate change is impacting society severely. By using sustainable water solutions provided by Hunza Global, you can reduce the effects of climate change on Earth.

The inclusion of single-use plastic bottles and other products is harmful to the sustainability of the environment. As recycling plastic is almost impossible, we advise you to adopt a bottle free water dispenser by Hunza Global to say goodbye to these unhealthy products.

Hunza Global offers its client with a range of sustainable solutions including water filtration and drinking systems to eliminate plastic, nano technology based lubricants for automotive equipment, efficient technologies for minimum fuel consumption and advanced methods for diesel and oil.

By utilizing water machines and other appliances that consume less electricity. Reducing the use of plastic products, mainly bottles, and finding smart solutions in the form of water dispensers.

Hunza Global is playing a significant role in the sustainability of the environment by combining smart solutions with advanced technology.



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