Hunza Global Shook Hands With Zip Water For Sustainable Future

Hunza Global Venture is an international brand that has been launched with the aim of providing people with digital solutions. Sustainability of the resources is the no. 1 priority at the renowned company Hunza Global. The team works hard and leaves no stone unturned in bringing the best solutions. Our commitment to a sustainable environment keeps on leading us towards starting new ventures. We keep striving to find thoughtful distributors of sustainable products who share their ideology with Hunza Global. This search and passion became a prime reason for our partnership with renowned Zip Water. 

Our Award-Winning Partner; Zip Water

Hunza Global feels immensely excited to declare Zip Water as one of our main distributors. Zip Water is a well-acclaimed company that supplies smart drinking water solutions. Zip Water managed to grab a Gold sustainability Rating from one of the most trusted organizations EcoVadis. The score shows the company’s immense hunger to bring betterment to society. It is surely a privilege for Hunza Global to work with Zip Water as one of their suppliers.

Sustainability Rating

Both companies share the common dream of bringing positive change to our environment. This common desire led us to work under an umbrella to change the world for the better. Together Hunza Global and Zip Water are working to achieve the following long-term sustainable goals UAE:

Supplying clean water:

Water is a basic necessity for the survival of human beings. Unfortunately, our careless attitude towards these natural resources is leading to serious trouble for future generations. The supply of clean water has become a challenge. Hunza Global in collaboration with Zip Water is bringing the best quality hydrotaps to make people’s lives easier. The zip tap ensures a continuous supply of clean water to a large population of the Middle East. 

Bringing change using efficient technology:

Technology has revolutionized the world 360 degrees. From advanced methods of communication to the integration of global culture, technology has brought various changes to the world that was once known to man. By using this innovation and modern techniques we may bring positive transformation to people’s lives. From convenience to sustainability, the use of the latest mechanisms and advanced gadgets can allow humans to make a journey toward a better world. Hunza Global is ensuring this by working with Zip Water. Through collective efforts both the companies are supplying users with efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly appliances like a tap water filter.

Getting rid of single-use bottles:

Who is not aware of the effects of plastic on water bodies and its further impact on both humans and wildlife? The use of plastic water bottles is the leading cause of ever-increasing pollution. These bottles are ultimately dumped in oceans causing havoc for marine life. Thus Hunza Global has aimed to work with Zip Water to eliminate these bottles from our environment and beat plastic pollution. Supplying filtered hydro taps is one way of minimizing the use of such bottles. Moreover, our partner Zip Water has also been involved in recycling a number of bottles to make the earth a more sustainable place.  

Switching to renewable resource:

The depletion of natural resources is another factor that is contributing to an unsafe future. The continuous acceleration at which we are losing our non-renewable sources is alarming. This is raising serious concerns for the sustenance of future generations of human beings. To conserve resources for a better future Hunza Global and Zip Water have made up their mind to switch to sustainable energy for designing a renewable future. Thus our operation sites are continuously being launched with solar energy panels. 

Eco-friendly packaging:

Running a large-scale company involves packaging and delivering a lot of products at different locations. This task needs to be done effectively. Most brands claim to be socially responsible companies but choose low-quality materials harmful to the environment to pack their products. Hunza Global is gladly following the trend set by our trusted supplier Zip Water. From designing to packaging of products we only use eco-friendly material. The material can be recycled and leaves no impact on our environment.  

Being responsible companies:

In all our services we strive hard to be a responsible company that works day and night to bring positive change in the environment. By partnering with an equally efficient company Zip Water we offer the best packages for people. We have been working together to bring the best solutions for our customers in each sector.

Thus visit Hunza Global to find the most effective water solution. We partner with the best brands in the world to bring products to our valuable customers. Hunza Global is a name that can surely be trusted if you care for your environment and ecosystem.