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Water is the elixir of life! 70% of the planet is water. More than 65% of the human body is made of water. There is no denying the fact that water is single most important ingredient for life to survive. However. as humanity, we are facing huge challenges in water management; from micro and nano plastics in our drinking water systems, pollution in oceans rivers & lakes, lack of healthy hydration options, quality of drinking water, rising sea levels, & frequent massive floods from melting glaciers from global warming and so on!

At Hunza Global Ventures, we are a passionate team aiming to tackle few of these problems to help ensure that we leave this world a better place for our future generations.

These sustainable solutions include elimination of single use plastic water bottles, encourage healthier hydration, reduce costs, reduce carbon foot-print, reduce plastic waste, protect life on land and marine life, promote efficient use of resources and educate masses in the process.

Are you looking for elegant and sophisticated glassware to serve your guests? At Hunza Global, we have a large collection of Bormioli Rocco drinking glasses. So buy them now and invest in a sustainable Future.
Get rid off single use plastic water bottles from your life. Save cost, save money and save the planet.
At times we do need water bottles to carry around outdoors. Plastic bottles are definitely not the answer. Instead, give a try to High-Class Casa Bagatti water thermos. It can maintain water temperature efficiently.
Our specialized filtration systems help maintain coffee and tea clarity, consistency, and full flavor. You can serve high quality coffee brews, consistently. Keep your equipment safe by reducing particles in your water, abrasion, clogging & ...
We aim to address household water concerns and improve water quality throughout the entire home with our full line of drinking water filters, reverse osmosis systems, ultra filtration systems, whole house water filters, bottle-less water dispensers, smart ...
Another water bottle option available at Hunza Global are highly durable Ecovessel bottles. They have a good resistance against wear and tear. Buy these bottles and become part of its charitable cause.
A water filtration system is essential for any family home. It ensures you have access to clean water for drinking, cooking, and other uses around the house. Depending on the type of water you receive, requirements, and budget, several water filters are ...
Clean water is the biggest need of the food and beverage industries. Restaurants, hotels, Cafes, and bars need to have a continuous supply of fresh water 24/7. The water filters at Hunza Global can help these industries serve their customers rightly.
ENJOY THE JOURNEY, LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND is more than just a tagline for Mizu - it’s the guiding light that drives all company decisions. From the Mizu Cutlery Set that provides a reusable stainless steel fork, knife, spoon, straw and even chopsticks over ...
The small water bottles by ocean bottle supplied at Hunza Global can have a huge impact on the sustainability of the environment. So click now to buy these eco-friendly bottles from Hunza Global.
Our water filtration systems help maintain consistent, quality, better tasting beverages by reducing chlorine taste and odor. Reduce particulate matter which can shorten the service life of expensive parts of beverage machines.
Get chlorine under control. Reduce water hardness and chlorine, taste and odor from incoming water with our filtration solutions. Our ion exchange systems will lessen bitter chlorine tastes while decreasing scale build-up to ensure you produce the ...
Residential areas are one place where water is consumed the most. From cooking and washing purposes to fulfilling drinking needs people need smart water solutions for homes. Hunza Global brings forward the best alternatives for them.
Retap has been a leading manufacturer of reusable water bottles for the masses. They believe in using sustainable water bottles for a safe future. So buy your Travel Retap water bottle to be a responsible citizen.
Chlorine is a commonly used chemical in municipal water treatment to kill microbes like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and endospores. When you regularly wash in water with higher levels of chlorine you might experience damage to hair and skin. Shower ...
Best quality water helps produces light bakery products with a crispy crust, vegetables that retain their appetising colour and precious vitamins and minerals, and roasted meats with a succulent centre and delicate aroma. With our filration solutions, ...
At Hunza Global we supply water solutions and alternatives that can serve industrial areas efficiently. From contaminated tap water to salty seawater our highly proficient filtration appliances based upon RO system can purify it all.
Our specialized water filtration systems are engineered to provide high flow rates, high capacities, and the benefits of water filtration for multiple foodservice equipment in a single compact package.
The modern world demands modern treatment and solutions. At Hunza Global we have a wide collection of solutions for marine water. From ballast water treatment to Industrial RO water filter you name it we have.
Everyone needs water bottles and other containers to store water for traveling and various outdoor activities. But no more bottles made up of plastic. Hunza Global has large sustainable drinkware that would serve you without harming the environment.
Don't we all love spending summer afternoons relaxing in pools and spas. Water filter systems are a necessity for both residential pools and commercial spas. At Hunza Global we supply efficient filters to meet public demands.

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