How Hydration Impacts Productivity in the Workplace
Everyone talks about that morning cup of coffee as a way to jumpstart...
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Why most plastic can’t be recycled
With only 9% of annual plastic waste recycled, the myth that we can recycle...
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Staying hydrated is linked to a longer, healthier life
The secret to living a longer and healthier life? At least part of the...
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Plastic waste
Only 5% of plastic waste generated by US last year
Only 5% of the mountains of plastic waste generated by US households...
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'Plasticosis': Scientists name new disease in seabirds caused by pollution
Scientists have discovered a new disease in seabirds that eat plastic....
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sustainability trends
ESG and impact of COP28 on regional sustainability trends
Having declared 2023 as the ‘Year of Sustainability’, the host nation...
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Plastic bottles
Upcycling plastic waste into valuable products
A groundbreaking research initiative, led by the Institute for the Cooperative...
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UAE to ban single-use plastic from 2024
According to the government, starting from next year, a countrywide prohibition...
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Water Drinking
Reasons why water is the only drink that the body needs.
While there are many types of drinks available, water is the most important...
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Can a sustainable approach to drinking water translate into savings?
Nasreen Ali, managing director of Hunza Global Ventures, explains why...
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Determined to eliminate single-use plastic from the planet
Nasreen Ali, Managing Director, FloWater What is FloWater? FloWater was...
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