School Campaign

Water is Cool!

Let’s make drinking water fun and help children break the habit of plastic bottled water!

“Water Is Cool” is a collaborative educational initiative launched on World Water Day 2022 (March 22nd, 2022) as part of Hunza Global Venture’s impact enhancement strategy. Through this free educational campaign, the company aims to instill awareness among school children/students regarding the harmful effects of plastic and chemicals found in plastic on human health and the environment.

This program is a gateway to fostering healthy hydration practices while transforming the perception of drinking water into an enjoyable and appealing experience for children. Its core mission is to guide and encourage young minds to veer away from the habitual use of plastic bottled water.

Participation in this dynamic and engaging campaign not only exposes students to pressing global health and environmental concerns but also equips them with the empowerment to make a positive change. Through this initiative, students become catalysts for change, driving forward a collective sense of responsibility towards our planet and their own well-being.

The campaign is delivered in collaboration with partners from the health and fitness/well-being sectors.

The initiative is fully sponsored by Hunza Global Ventures and is supported by:
1) Dubai Can – a sustainability initiative by the Crown Prince of Dubai HH Shiekh Hamdan
2) FloWater UAE – drinking water re-fill stations
3) Culligan Middle East – global leader in sustainable water solutions

To learn more and sign up for the campaign, please drop an email to

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