Elegant Stainless Steel Countertop Water Dispenser-Wave


Category: Elegant Stainless Steel Countertop Water Dispenser-Wave

Bid farewell to plastic water bottles and welcome sustainability to your lives

The smart countertop water dispenser can be a great addition to your kitchen. These are simple-to-use, kids-friendly appliances that can make your life much easier. It includes a multi-step water filtration system to supply clean water.

Wave, the advanced stainless steel water dispenser comes with the following key features;

  • First of its kind to use R290 Natural Gas and as a result has a minimum impact on global warming
  • Inclusion of ice-bank technology for maximum efficiency
  • The drip tray ensures to catch accidental water spills

You can customize your water machine as per your needs by adding the following features:

  • UV protection 
  • Water portion control for your children’s safety
  • Auto-discharging drip tray
  • Ability to act as a free-standing unit
  • Addition of an energy-saving mode
  • Provides clean water 24/7
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Simple-to-use appliance can make life much easier
  • Availability of water with varying temperature
  • Weight: 20kg – 30kg
  • Dimensions up to: 330mm X 489 mm X 467mm

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