The Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System from Pentair combines innovative design with technological advancements to provide high quality, soft water that is better for your home’s pipes and appliances, your family’s dishes and laundry and, even, you. Leave those tough water problems behind with a ready supply of conditioned water delivered by the Pro Elite system, a solution you and your family can count on to be softer on you. Softer on your home. Softer on your wallet.

  • Delivers a continuous supply of conditioned water for all of your home water needs
  • Monitors 24/7 and automatically adjusts to changing water conditions
  • Regenerates only when necessary – conserving energy and saving you valuable time and money
  • Retains system setting during power outages via memory back-up
  • Attractive, bold enclosure design makes the unit a standout, contemporary home appliance
  • Constructed of quality materials to withstand corrosion and wear


The Pentair Water Softener is our premium, whole-house, on-demand salt-based water softening system. Effectively prevents hard water scale buildup in plumbing and appliances, helping to increase their efficiency and lifespan. Enjoy softer skin, shinier hair, and softer, right-out-of-the-dryer laundry.

  • The exclusive Pentair Analyzer performs round-the-clock monitoring to determine the need to regenerate the system
  • Advanced conductivity cell technology
  • Conductivity cell design is innovative and market proven
  • Superior conductivity with noncorrosive 18-karat gold-plated probes
  • Replaces traditional metered and time clock controls
  • Fewer regeneration and rinse cycles conserve water and regenerant

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