PENTAIR MasterTemp® High Performance Pool and Spa Heaters – Trade Grade

Category: PENTAIR MasterTemp® High Performance Pool and Spa Heaters – Trade Grade

Get Precise Heating for Perfect Pool and Spa.

With the MasterTemp High-Performance Heater, you can save energy and money. The full-text digital display combines a user-friendly menu and new functionalities to simplify operation and diagnostics. Get the best aquatic heating options available to create an unparalleled pool and spa experience.

  • The user-friendly digital display and control settings maintain the ideal temperature.
  • With minimal NOx emissions, this eco-friendly heater keeps your pool or spa comfortable while contributing to environmental protection.
  • It makes very little noise, so you can unwind and rest in your spa or pool.
  • With customization options, you can ensure this heater matches your setup precisely.
  • Because of its user-friendly and temperature control features, it’s a cost-effective product for the long term.
  • With its digital controls, this heater is very easy to operate. You’ll spend less time tinkering with complex settings and more time relaxing in your spa or pool.

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