Hard water levels can range from low to very high hard water. Homeowners with any level of hard water can face issues like prematurely broken water heaters and persistent scaling, spotty dishes and glassware, dingy and stiff laundry, itchy skin, and dull hair. With a Pentair Water Softener, you can reduce the havoc hard water can cause to your home and can save salt and water with our on-demand regeneration feature. When you insist on Pentair, you can expect better quality water from every tap in your home. Pentair recommends that you test your water hardness levels using our 16-Point Rapid Water Test to ensure the water softener is right for your home water.

3 unique models to choose from to meet the demands of your home based on your home size (or number of bathrooms).

The Pentair Water Softener is our premium, whole-house, on-demand salt-based water softening system. Effectively prevents hard water scale buildup in plumbing and appliances, helping to increase their efficiency and lifespan. Enjoy softer skin, shinier hair, and softer, right-out-of-the-dryer laundry.

  • Simple, electronic system for easier programming
  • Self-cleaning brine injector reduces maintenance
  • Only regenerates when needed, saving salt and water
  • Singular rotary disc seal means longer product life and less maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and low-salt level alert when paired with the Connected Salt Level Sensor and the Pentair Home App
  • Simple, electronic system for easy programming;
  • maintains settings during power outages
  • Automatic bypass for uninterrupted water flow to the home during regeneration
  • Singular, rotary disc seal for longer life and lower maintenance
  • Self-cleaning brine injector reduces maintenance
  • Safety valve prevents brine tank overflow
  • Highly-efficient, chlorine-resistant resin for longer life
  • Demand-initiated system regenerates when necessary, based on water usage, saving salt and water
  • 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 cubic foot capacities available to meet household demand requirements

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