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A commercial-grade water filter head specifically made to accommodate Everpure filter cartridges. In addition, a mounting bracket, pressure gauge, and water shut-off valve are integrated into the Everpure QC7I for better performance. Every part has been designed for strength, lifespan, and durability.

  • NSF extraction tests on every wetted portion are successful.
  • The filter head has been made with a strong, long-lasting structure.
  • Filter Head ensures that your water is well-purified as per the highest standards by utilizing cutting-edge filtration technology.
  • Various configurable choices are available for selection, such as filter kinds, diameters, and flow rates.
  • With the ability to construct a customized solution, this filter head can meet your individual filtration needs for your home or business.
  • Investing in the QC7I/INSURICE® Single Filter Head is a wise choice because of its exceptional quality and performance.
  • You can have access to clean water 24/7.

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Clean water is the biggest need of the food and beverage industries. Restaurants, hotels, Cafes, and bars need to have a continuous supply of fresh water 24/7. The water filters at Hunza Global can help these industries serve their customers rightly.
Our water filtration systems help maintain consistent, quality, better tasting beverages by reducing chlorine taste and odor. Reduce particulate matter which can shorten the service life of expensive parts of beverage machines.
Water is one of the most important substances on this planet. Unfortunately in current times, the human race is facing serious challenges concerning water. From the presence of a wide collection of plastic in the ocean and its drastic consequences to ...
Our specialized water filtration systems are engineered to provide high flow rates, high capacities, and the benefits of water filtration for multiple foodservice equipment in a single compact package.

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