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Install Innovative Filtration for a Refreshing Lifestyle

The filtration medium of this water filter successfully prevents germs that can shorten the shelf life of the goods from growing. Superior taste and odour reduction from chlorine are achieved by exclusive precoat filtration, which mechanically micro-filters dirt and particles as small as 0.2* microns. Minimises the unpleasant substances that might negatively impact the flavour of beverages, such as the taste and odour of chlorine.

  • Rate of service flow: 3.34 to 6.7 gpm
  • Capacity range: 18,000–36,000 gallons
  • This system’s advanced filtration technology ensures that pollutants are removed while vital minerals are retained.
  • With extensive customization choices, you may adjust your filtration system to suit your unique requirements.
  • This system can be modified to meet your specific needs, whether you require improved sediment reduction or chlorine taste and odour removal.
  • Provide unparalleled filtration performance, giving you water with a flavour and purity that exceeds industry norms.
  • Over time, reliable and consistent water quality is guaranteed by the robust design and modern technology.
  • This filtering system is an easy addition because of its high flow rate and simple maintenance.

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