Set a Gateway to Your Pure Water Perfection with Filter Cartridge.
Everpure 7CB5 water Filter Cartridge finely polishes water and makes it ideal for premium food and beverage applications. Everpure 7CB5 lessens the taste and odor of chlorine as well as other unpleasant impurities that can make water and other beverages taste bad.

  • Minimizes fine dust and particles as little as five (5) microns in water.
  • Comes with a Block carbon filter
  • Certified as per NSF/ANSI Standard 42, NSF®.
  • To address particular issues with water quality, select from a range of micron ratings, according to your water’s needs.
  • Cartridge maintains the greatest levels of performance and quality.
  • lowers the total cost of maintenance and doesn’t need frequent replacement.
  • The user-friendly design makes it easy to install.

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Clean water is the biggest need of the food and beverage industries. Restaurants, hotels, Cafes, and bars need to have a continuous supply of fresh water 24/7. The water filters at Hunza Global can help these industries serve their customers rightly.
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Best quality water helps produces light bakery products with a crispy crust, vegetables that retain their appetising colour and precious vitamins and minerals, and roasted meats with a succulent centre and delicate aroma. With our filration solutions, ...

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