Introduce Customizeable Clarity Of Your Water System for Perfect Chill.

This system gives your machine access to clean, fresh water, which enhances the taste, look, and general quality of your ice. This water filter system effectively combats health hazards like bacteria and cysts while also lowering sedimentation and scale, which could harm your machine’s internal parts. This is made possible by the special filter blend.

  • This filtration system has an impressive 9000-gallon capacity and a maximum pressure requirement of 125 PSI.
  • Maintaining cleanliness without compromising flow consistency.
  • In addition to improving taste and clarity, the Micro-Pure II medium stops the growth of microorganisms.
  • Select from a range of filter options to handle particular issues with water quality.
  • With the system’s adjustable bypass settings, you can regulate the amount of filtration and water flow.
  • It doesn’t include any unpleasant smells, tastes, or contaminants in water making it ideal for the hospitality industry.
  • Enhances flavour and clarity while making sure the ice is free of harmful impurities.

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Clean water is the biggest need of the food and beverage industries. Restaurants, hotels, Cafes, and bars need to have a continuous supply of fresh water 24/7. The water filters at Hunza Global can help these industries serve their customers rightly.
Our water filtration systems help maintain consistent, quality, better tasting beverages by reducing chlorine taste and odor. Reduce particulate matter which can shorten the service life of expensive parts of beverage machines.
Water is one of the most important substances on this planet. Unfortunately in current times, the human race is facing serious challenges concerning water. From the presence of a wide collection of plastic in the ocean and its drastic consequences to ...

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