Enjoy the potential Flavor of Water with Claris Ultra Filter Cartridge

The Everpure Claris Ultra 2000-XXL water filter cartridge is perfect for brewing premium coffee and tea since it lets you adjust the hardness to fit your preferred water formula.

  • Based on standard bypass settings and an influent water hardness of 180 ppm.
  • It can be used freestanding and positioned vertically or horizontally for the greatest versatility.
  • Five-step filtering procedure.
  • Select from a range of cartridge sizes, including XXL, to meet your flow rate and water usage needs.
  • To ensure a steady water supply, choose a flow rate that works for you, ranging from standard to high.
  • Pentair provides a range of cartridge models compatible with different brands and types of appliances, such as coffee makers.
  • Downtime is decreased by the ease of maintenance provided by the Quick-Change architecture.
  • Because Pentair is known for creating high-quality water filtration products, you can be confident you’re getting trustworthy,
  • By minimizing scale building, the system improves the flavour of your drinks and the life of your equipment

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