Your Water Deserves Perfection: Meet the Ultra Filter Cartridge.

This cartridge enhances your product’s performance and general quality by connecting to a compatible filter head and providing clean, fresh water to certain hot drinks and iced tea brewing equipment. With a micron rating of 5 and a maximum flow rate of.5 GPM, this water filter cartridge ensures a steady flow without compromising cleanliness by preventing minor pollutants from passing through the filter.

  • Five-stage filtration efficiently removes pollutants, chlorine, and other impurities.
  • The cartridge fits well into your filtering system because of its small size and easy replacement construction.
  • Take advantage of the cartridge’s longer lifespan, which offers dependable filtration.
  • You may quickly change the water hardness level to suit your tastes and have a customized drinking experience.
  • You’ll enjoy the water like never before because it won’t taste bad or have any contaminants in it.
  • It guarantees an extraordinary water drinking experience.
  • Thanks to this cartridge, you can now adjust the flow rate and water hardness.

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