A Well-Needed Kitchen Accessory-Mirage 2 by Oasis

Category: A Well-Needed Kitchen Accessory-Mirage 2 by Oasis

Mirage 2 is here to make your life convenient

A stylish addition to the kitchen that can serve in multiple ways. You no longer have to lift 19-liter bottles as Mirage 2 comes with bottom load access. This highly innovative water cooler dispenser is here to help you. Get fresh filtered water in the most convenient way. This smart appliance by Oasis is the perfect blend of water cooler and a point-of-use operating system. So have access to warm, cool, and ambient water 24/7.

  • Lights indicator for hot and cold system
  • The water cooler has a 500-watt heating element, with an adjustable thermostat.
  • Your smart water solution, Mirage 2 comes with a hermetically sealed compressor.
  • It is certified by NSF and developed as per the Safe Drinking Water Amendments.

Oasis Mirage 2 can make your life easier in the following ways:

  • No heavy lifting
  • Aesthetically designed cooler with a water filter to enlighten your interior design
  • Easy to use temperature safety features providing protection to children.
  • Hermetic compressors make them immune to leaks and minimize noise.
  • Oasis Mirage 2 is highly durable and would last for decades.
  • Be a responsible citizen by using these advanced Lead-free water coolers.Availability of hot and cold fresh water 24/7
  • Cold Tank Capacity (liters): 2.2L
  • Hot Tank Capacity (liters): 1.2L
  • Type: Tri-Temp
  • Dimensions: 104h x 31w x 33d cm
  • Weight: 16.5 kgColor Options: Black & White

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