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Making the world cleaner – with innovative technology for warewashing, cleaning and disinfection – that is MEIKO’s vision.


Easier work, shorter wash cycle times, improved indoor climate, perfect results, less downtime through better ergonomics, freed-up budget and optimum use of workstation space – the M-iClean H&M-iClean H2 has it all. That is made possible thanks to revolutionary technology and an ingenious ergonomic concept.

M-iClean HM

M-iClean HL

M-iClean HXL

Fantastic warewashing convenience and top quality

M-iClean U

M-iClean U

The new M-iClean U undercounter dishwasher series sets new standards for speed, steam reduction and drying results. During the development process, engineers focused specifically on three features: heat recovery (new: ComfortAir), the reverse osmosis system (the GiO MODULE) and the display's Private Label option. The result: The new M-iClean U commercial dishwasher boasts game-changing, unique selling propositions and represents added value for all of our customer segments.

M-iClean US

M-iClean US

M-ICLEAN US is So much performance in such a small machine: with a rack size of 400 x 400 mm, this small dishwashing machine for food service fits under any counter and in every dishwashing area. No steam and no polishing with the M-iClean US thanks to the integrated GiO module and heat recovery.

M-iClean U

M-iClean UM

If you have a lot of washware to clean, the M-iClean UM is well equipped with a rack size of 500 x 500 mm and an entry height of 315 mm. This dishwashing machine for food service with integrated GiO module and heat recovery ensures spotless washing and drying results.

M-iClean UM+

M-iClean UM+

Boasting a rack size of 500 x 500 mm and an entry height of 435 mm, this dishwasher for food service also accommodates larger washware and produces perfect results. Thanks to the integrated GiO MODULE and heat recovery there is also no need for manual polishing and no steam in the kitchen.

M-iClean UL


The large version of the M-iClean dishwashing machines for food service offers maximum performance: with a rack size of 500 x 600 mm, even washing crates, GN containers and trays is no problem. The GiO MODULE and heat recovery ensure a more pleasant indoor climate and spotless washing results. With a size of 600 x 820 mm and a depth of 680 mm, this dishwashing machine for food service is also ideal for use in butcher's shops and bakeries.

Smart, speedy, simple:

take your dishwashing area digital with MEIKO Connect

Right now with MEIKO Connect – find out more with just one click Connect your dishwashing machine to your smartphone and get immediate readouts of machine and hygiene data. Convenient and reliable.

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