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The appliance that can change the way you live

Do you want to have a healthy and pure lifestyle? Well, water plays an important role in the sustenance of pure and healthy lives. Human beings cannot survive without water. They need contamination-free water to stay in good shape. ION™ bottle-free water dispenser is the one solution for all your needs. It is clean, it’s simple to use and it’s smart. With a touch of hand, it allows you to have non-stop access to premium water free of any contaminants. 

  • Provides 30 liters of cold water and 8 liters of hot water per hour.
  • Contains plug-and-play software.
  • Presence of a smart screen to monitor water usage, the life of the water filter and CO2 cylinder.
  • LED indicator to differentiate between types of water.
  • Easy filter change allows easy maintenance.
  1. You no longer would have to drink standing water in a plastic bottle.
  2. Make coffee, tea, soup, and other items taste delicious through available filtered premium water.
  3. Ten times better performance than an ordinary commercial filtered water dispenser.
  4. Because of the high dispensing height, you can fill containers of varying sizes ranging from small cups to pitchers and large water bottles.
  5. For a sustainable future, we need to conserve energy. By switching on ION’s SleepModeTM you can conserve energy when not being used.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) – 13.6” x 20.6” x 16.2” / 346mm x 523mm x 412mm
  • Shipping Weight – 36 lbs – 45 lbs

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Smart and easy-to-use filtered water dispensers are the way to go. These smart appliances leave no need to rely on plastic bottles for water storage. Hunza Global has a wide collection of these top-notch quality dispensers to fulfill people’s needs.
Get rid off single use plastic water bottles from your life. Save cost, save money and save the planet.
Clean water is the biggest need of the food and beverage industries. Restaurants, hotels, Cafes, and bars need to have a continuous supply of fresh water 24/7. The water filters at Hunza Global can help these industries serve their customers rightly.

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