Professional carbonator is ideal for bars that have a cold-water inlet.

This under-counter system can be combined with a series of dispensing taps and dispensers. This drinking water system is easy to install and it is ideal to be placed under the counter thus freeing up space on the support surface. The applied technical arrangements allow an immediate connection to the water network.

  • Sleek and modern design for space saving
  • R290 Natural Gas – Zero impact on global warming. First in the market
  • “Ice-Bank Cooling” OR “Dry Cooling” technology for maximum output
  • Professional 1-liter carbonator
  • Compact design, made from stainless steel
  • Rapid, easy installation for use in any environment
  • InstaFizz Box can support any type of faucet, dispenser and filtration
  • Filtration and faucets of any design
  • Additional UV protection at both water inlet and outlet
  • CO2 pressure reducer
  • Water pressure reducer
  • CO2 Cylinder
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Minimum Dimensions up to: 166mm x 439mm x 417mm
  • Quad stage Ultra-Filtration System
  • Under sink quad stage Micro-Filtration System
  • Reverse Osmosis RO system
  • Ultra Violet UV LED
  • In-line Ozonator

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