Outdoor Smart Drinking Water Refill Station

This is a beautiful, strong and smart outdoor water bottle refill station and drinking fountain. It encourages people to drink more water, less sugary drinks, look after the environment and waterways, and reduce single-use water bottle waste. The HZmt water station features the world’s first remote smart metering monitoring technology. It allows you to monitor exact usage, time, date, location and provides live data analysis of usage. The product has been designed for full disassembly using a modular design, is disability-inclusive, vandal and graffiti proof.

Convenient, environmentally friendly, encouraging healthy lifestyles and reducing waste.


  • Versatile outdoor water fountain and dispenser solution
  • Tough and durable for challenging outdoor environments
  • Interchangeable branding panels – fully customizable as per client design, color, brand and logos
  • Chilled water on demand – can be customized to produce 30L – 280L per hour of cold water
  • Touch free sensor activation
  • Solar powered lighting
  • Remote WiFi connectivity for monitoring via LoRaWan
  • Made of vandal proof stainless steel
  • Advance water purification systems eliminates bacteria, viruses, chlorine, odors & flavors
  • Endless supply of premium filtered water 80% less cost than plastic bottles
  • Graphics & branding with endless opportunities
  • Water filtration system of your choice and needs – Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, Micro Filtration – all our systems come with pre-filtration to ensure longevity of the filters systems
  • Adjustable arms
  • Braille and ADA compliant
  • Dog bowl
  • Cold water on demand

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