Soft, clean water in every tap of your home.

Your water is not safe because it may be stored in dirty tanks, contains chlorine, hard chemicals and other contaminants. Protect your family and kids from unsafe dirty water with this high quality Softener and Purifier.

Apollo is whole house water softener for your kitchen, bathrooms and all your cleaning and washing needs.

Multi Stage Purification

  • Stage 1: Removes dirt and suspended particles
  • Stage 2: Removes chlorine, heavy metals, improves taste and odor
  • Stage 3: Removes hard chemicals and ferrous iron, making water soft and scale free

Clean water in the house

  • Safe water to brush your teeth
  • Safe water to wash fruits and vegetables
  • Free flowing water in every tap

Silky hair and glowing skin

  • Less hair fall or hair damage during shower
  • Fresh, soft, and glowing skin
  • Protection from chlorine and other harmful chemicals
  • Use less soap and shampoo

Soft vibrant clothes

  • Clothes remain soft and without spots after laundry
  • Reduce use of detergents and save money

Peace of Mind

  • Fully automatic, compact, and easy to install in old and new villas
  • Installs outside after the storage tank to give clean water for your whole house
  • Free Installation

Most Efficient Water Softener

  • Consumes least amount of water and salt to regenerate than standard softeners

Point of Entry

  • Installs outside the house with the mains

Made in USA with 2 year Warranty

  • High quality workmanship and design, backed by performance warranty
Model: Apollo-380
Installation Type: Floor Standing
Flow Rate: 8.2 GPM (31 LPM)
Max Compensated Hardness: 100 grains/gallon (1,710 mg/l)
Max Capacity: 38,000 grains (2,462 grams)
Max Ferrous Iron Reduction: 10 ppm
Minimum pH: 7
Media Type and Amounts: Self-Cleaning Filter Media Media:
0.7kg KDF Media:
0.9kg Fine Mesh Resin:
1.25 cubic-feet (35 liters) Min/Max Water and Ambient Temperature:
4/49 ᵒC (40/120 ᵒF) Pressure Drop at Service Flow rate of 8 GPM:
14.6 psi (1.0 bar) Max Flow Rate to drain during Regeneration:
3 GPM (11.4 LPM) Min/Max Water Pressure:
20/120 psi (1.4/8.3 bar) Min Water Flow Rate required:
3 GPM (11.4 LPM) Electrical Rating:
12 VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.015 kW-hr Footprint: 16.5” W x 20” D
Height: 33.5”
Shipping Weight: 61 kg

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