HZ-HD Touch Free Water Dispenser

Essential and elegant, to fit in stylishly in any surroundings. This water dispenser is the perfect solution for any office or workplace. Having a high-quality drinking water in your workplace or home is not a question of convenience, but of hydration and well-being.

Efficient in performance and simple in functionality. Suitable for residential homes and offices. Touch-less and combined with a powerful multi-stage filtration system with UV and nano-silver coating ensures the best taste, quality, and safe water without the need of plastic bottles.

  • Sleek and modern design for space saving
  • Ultra-Hygienic, touch-free key panel – optional
  • Drip-tray full alert: a LED indicates when the drip-tray is full
  • Drain connection – optional
  • R600 Natural Gas – Zero impact on global warming. First in the market
  • Nano Silver Protection surface kills9% of bacteria on the surface in 24h
  • Energy Saving function to reduce energy consumption during periods of non-use
  • “Direct Chill” or “Direct Dry Cooling” technology for maximum output
  • 45 Litres of Cold Water per hour
  • 8 Litres of Hot Water per hour
  • Unlimited Room Temperature Water per hour
  • Additional UV protection at both water inlet and outlet
  • Anti-bacterial UVC LED lamps in substitution of the NANO SILVER PIPE
  • Built-in cup dispenser
  • Extra space for CO₂ cylinder up to 6 kg
  • Drain connection
  • Touch-free key-panel
  • Reverse Osmosis filtration system
  • Cold, Room Temperature and Cold Sparkling
  • Cold, Room Temperature and Hot
  • Cold and Room Temperature
  • Cold, Hot, Room Temperature, Sparkling
  • Weight: 21kg – 36kg
  • Dimensions: 351mm X 416mm X 1120mm
  • Dispensing Height: 280mm
  • Quad stage Ultra-Filtration System
  • Under sink quad stage Micro-Filtration System
  • Reverse Osmosis RO system
  • Ultra Violet UV LED
  • In-line Ozonator

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