Efficient and Well-needed water tap- Elite Plus

Category: Efficient and Well-needed water tap- Elite Plus

A simple and beautiful device designed to make lives easy

This smart water tap can provide a range of filtered water including cold, hot, ambient, and sparkling. Our highly advanced Elite Plus is exactly what you need in your kitchens.

  • Availability of colored interactive touchscreen display protected by a PIN code
  • Inclusion of antimicrobial protection for enhanced hygiene
  • Presence of 2-micron water filtration, and a refillable CO2 cylinder
  • Allows you to customize settings as per your needs using its 3 energy-saving modes and 2-hour sleep mode
  • The boiling water tap comes with a safety feature to protect children in particular
  • It can serve up to 100 people in a commercial setting
  • The device is easy to install and comes with a ventilation tray
  • Supply of clean water 24/7
  • Boiling cups per hour: 100 – 240
  • Chilled cups per hour: 75 – 175
  • Combined Chilled and Sparkling Cups per hour: 75 – 175
  • Water pressure: Min 250kPa – Max 700kPadepends on the model
  • Dimensions: W395mm x D464mm x H333mmdepends on the model

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