Sophisticated and Highly Useful-Hydrotap Celsius Arc

Category: Sophisticated and Highly Useful-Hydrotap Celsius Arc

Turn your lifestyle both smart and healthy using Celsius Arc

This high-pressure kitchen tap allows you to have easy access to 5 different varieties of water. From filtered hot, cold, and sparkling water to an unfiltered supply of water Celsius Arc can facilitate you in every possible way.

These kitchen taps come with the following unique features

  • The device comes with a colored touchscreen
  • The device has three energy-saving modes including an on/off timer, sleep mode, and quiet model
  • Availability of antimicrobial protection to ensure extra hygiene
  • Uses 100% water efficient air cool technology and 2-micron water filtration to obtain
  • Inclusion of refillable CO2 Cylinder and integrated ventilation tray
  • Supplies you with a range of water
  • You can customize the settings as per your needs and demands
  • Allows you to get rid of plastic bottles as you no longer have to store water
  • Boiling cups per hour: 160 – 240
  • Chilled cups per hour: 175
  • Water pressure: Min 170kPa – Max 700kPadepends on the model)
  • Dimensions: W280mm x D476mm x H333mmdepends on the model)

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