The unique and simple faucet-Zip HydroTap All-in-one

Category: The unique and simple faucet-Zip HydroTap All-in-one

Say hello to the smart kitchen taps from the future

Hydrotap All-in-one is your one choice that can fulfil all your needs effectively. This smart appliance can supply you with a range of water supplies with the touch of your hand. So what are you waiting for, grab these now to make your lives easy.

Hydrotap all-in-one has the following features that make it one of the best kitchen taps in town:

  • The antimicrobial protection provides it with additional hygiene against harmful substances
  • It includes an under-the-bench command system comprising a colored touch screen that can be protected using a PIN code
  • The easy-to-install ventilation tray can help water discharge conveniently
  • The system includes a 2-micron filtration system along with a CO2 cylinder
  • It offers boiled chilled and sparkling water using the besttap water filter
  • You can have access to non filtered water as well for washing purposes
  • A lot of electricity can be conserved by using its 3 different energy-saving modes
  • The use of efficient air cooling technology makes it the most efficient device of its kind
  • You can conserve the environment using these kitchen water taps as it would minimize the use of plastic bottles
  • Capacity: Commercial (21 to 100 people)
  • Boiling cups per hour: 160 to 240
  • Chilled cups per hour: 125 to 175
  • Water pressure: Min 300kPa – Max 700kPa (depends on the model)
  • Dimensions: W395mm x D464mm x H333mm (depends on the model)

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