Smart Reverse Osmosis System- ACB SLIM PRO XL

Category: Smart Reverse Osmosis System- ACB SLIM PRO XL

Meet The Innovative And Efficient Reverse Osmosis System

With this direct productive reverse osmosis water filtration system you can have continuous access to clean and pure water 24/7. The adjustable size allows it to fit in both under the sink and behind the skirting board. Get this system now if you drink water in large amounts on a daily basis.

  • ACB Slim allows people to regulate their water’s degree of saltiness, as per their tastes and needs
  • The water filter can last for 12 months without replacement
  • This efficient filtration system can get rid of harmful substances like chlorine thus reducing water TDS value
  • Ultrafiltration post-system cartridges applied in the system can act as a barrier between water and microorganisms
  • This device allows you to have unlimited access to clean and sweet-taste filtered water
  • It never lets the water tank get empty as the efficient system keeps on refilling it as water is being consumed
  • The filtration of water using a reverse osmosis system makes it perfect to be used for cooking and baking delicious products
  • ACB is a noise-free device that allows you to fill plenty of containers with water without even realizing
  • This concise device can perfectly fit in every area appropriately
  • Dimensions (mm): 220 x 550 x 440
  • Weight (Kg): 30.1

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