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The Perfect Combination Of Smartness And Elegance

This advanced system supplies water that has been passed through reverse osmosis systems and can be used for various food service applications. The tailored blending process removes dissolved solid and supplies premium water.

  • The use of high recovery RO technology in the water machine allows it to save a good portion of water.
  • The cutting-edge technology ensure minimum impact on the environment 
  • The appliance can deliver 600 gallons of water per day.
  • Filter capacity depends upon TDS values of the water that is being filtered.
  • It consumes 50% less electricity than any normal RO system.
  • It will reduce limestone buildup in food service machines thus increasing their lime span.
  • It gets rid of chlorine taste and odor that may impact beverages negatively.

Can be used for food service applications including Coffee Brewers, Combi Ovens, Espresso, Steamers.

  • Dimensions: 83.8 cm x 58.4 cm x 33 cm
  • Weight: 49.9 kgs

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