Stylish and Electronic Hydrotap- Duo

Category: Stylish and Electronic Hydrotap- Duo

The highly functional under-counter model combines elegance and design

We feel immensely excited to introduce our highly stylish and electronic hydro-tap for people looking for a professional and elegant faucet for their homes. This smart faucet is here to save most of the space in your home as it comes with its tap electronic box. Thus you do not have to install additional components.

  • Has a volumetric portion control
  • The appliance is made up of stainless steel including buttons
  • Direct chill cooling technology maximizes the efficiency

The following optional features can be included:

  • Inclusion of UV protection at both inlet and outlet
  • Use of environmentally safe R 600 for sparkling water.
  • Get rid of space issues
  • Get several features in a single appliance
  • Have a long-lasting appliance that would save electricity
  • Weight: 1kg

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