Reliable and Smart Water Cooler- Cool1

Category: Reliable and Smart Water Cooler- Cool1

Smart and advanced water cooler that you can rely on

We proudly bring forward a highly efficient and dependable water cooler, cool1 all set to fulfill your water-related needs. From still to sparkling water, cool1 can offer you different types of water effectively by connecting to the main water supply.

  • Presence of Solenoid valve at the inlet.
  • Use of Icebank technology for maximum efficiency.
  • This water dispenser contains enough space for the filter bracket and CO2 cylinder.
  • Two cooling coils each for still and carbonated water

UV filters at both inlet and outlet are an optional feature that can be utilized by clients as per their needs. 

  • Availability of chilled water 24/7 to serve you on a hot sunny day
  • Highly durable device manufactured using best quality stainless steel
  • Easy to maintain and inspect with a convenient frontal opening feature
  • Environmentally safe option because of no use of plastic
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Height of dosing space: 297 mm
  • Dimensions D*S*W: 479*428*1440 mm

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