Outdoor Drinking Water Refill Station for Smart Cities- City 1.0

Category: Outdoor Drinking Water Refill Station for Smart Cities- City 1.0

Advanced water refill station meets well-functioning vending machine

We feel immense excitement to introduce one simple-to-use water machine that can fulfill the demands of an entire community. City 1.0 uses the latest technology to supply fresh chilled water all day at public places like parks in the scorching heat of Dubai.

  • Option to either keep it standing still or mount it on a wall.
  • Use of Dry-cooling and ice-bank technology for maximum efficiency
  • Well-insulated against sub-zero and hot climatic conditions with night illumination feature
  • The use of environmentally safe 600 Natural Gas leaves zero impact on global warming
  • 19’’ anti-vandal and non-reflecting LCD screen for running ads

Optional features include

  • Range of water filtration including Reverse osmosis, Microfiltration, and UV filter at inlet and outlet
  • Vending machine payment options with cards or coins
  1. An environmentally safe option
  2. You can customize it as per your brand and get free marketing
  3. Unlimited supply of chilled sparkling and still water
  4. Portion control features prevent overfilling of container
  • Weight CITY 1.0: 380kg
  • Weight CITY WALL: 80kg
  • Dimensions CITY 1.0: 1530mm X 2050mm X 2190mm
  • Dimensions CITY WALL: 1060mm X 287mm X 1752mm
  • Dispensing Area: 380mm
  • 5 Liters per minute

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