Classy and Smart 2 Faucet Tap System- C2 Twin Tap

Category: Classy and Smart 2 Faucet Tap System- C2 Twin Tap

A highly durable solution for all your water needs

Hunza Global brings forward C2 Twin Tap, a leading appliance providing smart filtration solutions to thousands of people. This suitable water faucet can be installed in homes for quick and 24/7 clean water supply at homes.

  1. Made up entirely of best quality stainless steel
  2. The presence of a drip tray for catching water droplets
  3. A powerful multi-step water filtration system including a UV protection feature

The following extra options can be customized by clients

  1. Inclusion of UV protection at inlet and outlet
  2. Use of environmentally safe R 600 Natural gas to sparkling water option
  • Have 24/7 access to clean and better-tasting water
  • The two taps can be used simultaneously
  • Allows you to stop depending on plastic bottles
  • Weight: 12kg

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