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Meet The Perfect Choice For Home Kitchens

Hunza Global brings forward the water dispenser of the century to meet all your water needs appropriately. This elegant machine can fit in stylishly in any environment. Efficient in performance and simple in functionality this device can filter your water using the best system.

  • A sleek and elegant appliance made up of stainless steel
  • LED indicator to alert when drip tray catches splashing water
  • Use of eco-friendly R 290 Natural Gas to have zero impact on global warming
  • Utilizes “Direct Dry Cooling Technology” to get maximum output
  • UV protection at both the water inlet and outlet and Ability to get it converted into a free-standing unit
  • Get a self-draining drip tray and water filtration system of your choice including an RO system
  • Automatic volumetric portion control and Nano-silver piping for extra hygiene protection
  • It would maintain the hygiene of your kitchen by not allowing water droplets to splash on the floor
  • It is an eco-friendly water solution, you act as a responsible citizen by using it
  • You can have access to clean water 24/7
  • Weight: 23.3 kg
  • Dimensions up to 266x499x418mm
  • Dispensing Height: 276mm

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