Modern and elegant device- BluSeven

Category: Modern and elegant device- BluSeven

A smart appliance with 7 different dispensing options

You heard it right. BluSaven can serve you with seven different dispensing options including filtered hot and cold water, room temperature water, sparkling, semi-sparkling, and unfiltered hot water. From stylish design to outstanding build quality and efficient performance, BluSeven faucets are the perfect kitchen sink taps.

  • You can operate it using a stylish touchscreen 
  • The electronic tap system can allow you to have access to seven varying types of water
  • The device is completely made up of stainless steel
  • The addition of a sparkling water feature can be optional
  • This can allow you to have access to 5 types of filtered water and 2 types of non-filtered water
  • A smart addition that can lighten up your kitchens
  • Tap water filters applied in BluSeven can provide you with clean and fresh water at your home
  • With this tap system, you no longer have to rely on plastic bottles
  • Cold – 80 Litres per hour
  • Room Temperature- Unlimited per hour
  • Sparkling – 80 Litres per hour
  • Hot – 8 Litres per hour
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Dimensions up to: 146mm X 146mm X 444mm
  • Dispensing Height: 322mm

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