Refined and Elegant Countertop Solution-BLUGLASS I.T. 8.0


Category: Refined and Elegant Countertop Solution-BLUGLASS I.T. 8.0

Your smart and aesthetic choice for a refrigeration unit

An elegant choice for embellishing your countertops. Made up of tempered glass and stainless steel this aesthetic refrigeration unit can be adjusted anywhere. It has the ability to enhance the appearance of your home decor.

  • Alerts you when water filters, UV lamps, and CO2 monitors have to be replaced or the drip tray is full. 
  • Provides you with a touchscreen option..
  • Offers ice bank technology for maximum productivity of your smart water machine

The following optional features can be added by customers as per their needs:

    • Protection against UV
    • Wifi connectivity
    • Extra Hygiene Piping 
    • Direct discharge drip tray
  • It does not need long and extensive maintenance.
  • The energy-saving mode can allow you to reduce up to 70 %
  • You can advertise your business on 7” touch screens.
  • Contains a drip tray that catches water droplets and maintains hygiene
  • Weight: 22kg – 35kg
  • Dimensions up to 488mm X 589mm X 580mm
  • Dispensing Height: 276mm

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