BLU JUICE – 3 Types of Soft Drinks and 2 Types of Water

BLUJUICE is the first dispenser able to dispense two types of water and three different types of soft drinks! Perfect for breakfast rooms and HoReCa sector but also for vending!

The stylish counter-top bottle free with elegant and modern design. Essential and classy, to fit in stylishly in any surroundings. WiFi IoT connectivity with advanced touch screen options make this the most beautiful dispensers of all times.

Having a high-quality drinking water in your workplace or home is not a question of convenience, but of hydration and well-being.

Suitable for cafes, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, offices, and hotels. With a powerful multi-stage filtration system including additional UV and nano-silver piping ensures the best taste, quality, and safe water without the need of plastic bottles.

  • Dispenses 3 types of juices or soft fizzy drinks
  • Dispenses 2 types of filtered water – cold & sparkling
  • Made entirely of tempered glass and high-quality stainless steel – including the internal parts, the cooling coil, the adjustable feet and the suspended tray
  • Drip-tray full alert: a LED indicates when the drip-tray is full
  • R290 Natural Gas – Zero impact on global warming. First in the market
  • “Ice Bank” technology for maximum output
  • Drip tray for maximum hygiene
  • Energy saving mode consumes 75% less power
  • Diagnostic system with filter & UV lamp replacement alarm and CO2 monitoring
  • 7” Touch Screen models which displays the following information: management of alarm records and unit status, monitoring of liters dispensed for each type of water, screening of informative videos or adverts during stand-by
  • Volumetric portion control
  • Wi-Fi – Integrated IoT connectivity to remotely check & monitor the machines including the status of the machine, filters, CO2 cylinders and UV lamps
  • Additional UV protection at both water inlet and outlet
  • Drip tray with direct discharge
  • Nano silver piping for extra hygiene protection
  • IoT (Internet of Things) with WiFi connectivity
  • Water filtration options based on your choice and needs – Reverse Osmosis, Multi Stage Ultra Filtration, UV, Multi Stage Micro Filtration
  • Cold
  • Cold Sparkling
  • Juices – 3 Types
  • Quad stage Ultra-Filtration System
  • Under sink quad stage Micro-Filtration System
  • Reverse Osmosis RO system
  • Ultra Violet UV LED
  • Quad-stage Ultra-Filtration System
  • Under sink quad stage Micro-Filtration System
  • Reverse Osmosis RO system
  • Ultra Violet UV LED
  • In-line Ozonator


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