SKU: EV9613:21

The bottle-free water-cooler with video and audio for information and advertisements. Suitable for large offices, train stations, airports, waiting rooms and public areas. A modern sleek design with audio video capabilities brings out new possibilities to manage the flow of information to the users in an interactive way. Combined with a powerful filtration system with UV ensures the best taste, quality, and safe water without the need of plastic bottles.

  • 2” LCD screen with audio, HD video or JPEG format for ads
  • Internal drip tray with outlet drainage
  • Easy front access for maintenance
  • Remote control supplied
  • Stain-proofed sturdy vandal proof stainless steel
  • Quite compressor
  • CO2 cylinder housing
  • R290 Natural Gas – Zero impact on global warming. First in the market
  • T. Inox touch buttons can be programmed to assign a specific amount of water delivered
  • Cold
  • Sparkling
  • Ambient
  • 5L tank with re-fill alarm
  • CO2 cylinder compartment
  • Water draining pump
  • UV OUT – The bactericidal UVC LED lamps are placed at the outlet on each single tap. UVC rays, as demonstrated in numerous studies, have a sterilising power and prevent bacterial proliferation by directly attacking the vital DNA of bacteria, viruses and of other micro-organisms
  • Quad stage Ultra-Filtration System
  • Under sink quad stage Micro-Filtration System
  • Reverse Osmosis RO system
  • Ultra Violet UV LED
  • In-line Ozonator

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