How dangerous is the global water crisis?

The world is suffering from a huge water problem. If it is left untreated it may lead to serious troubles in the future. While the issue is mostly prevailing in underdeveloped and less privileged countries, the horrifying problem may take the whole world under its effect soon. 

The revealed information might be a surprise for most of you as you might have heard that 71 percent of the earth’s surface is water. Though that is true. Here it should not be forgotten that out of all the water that’s available on earth only 3% is in the condition that can be consumed by humans. Rest is the sea and thus is too salty to be used for drinking or cooking purposes. Hence in various parts of the world people do not have clean water to drink. 

Water Crisis

Causes of water shortage

This severe water shortage has been caused because of the following reasons 

Rise in water pollution:

Among many other effects of water pollution, it is also the biggest reason behind the extreme scarcity of water in various developing countries where there is no proper sewage system. This leads to the contamination of freshwater bodies and thus leaves people with highly impure water for consumption. 

War conditions:

War and conflict situations going on in many countries can also be a big reason behind water shortage. The rise in violence may destroy many freshwater resources. Sometimes oppressors use water as a weapon and keep innocent citizens deprived of this basic necessity. 

Wastage of water: 

In many big metropolitan areas, water is being wasted in large amounts. This is the crime we all are guilty of. From keeping tap water running to overwatering plants in our garden we have been wasting water in one way or another. This practice is immensely dangerous. That too, when millions of people are dying because of lack of water.  

Unavailability of resources:

Most developing and underdeveloped countries face a severe shortage of water because of lack of resources and infrastructure. Water bodies in such countries are in terrible condition. They do not have a proper system to store rainwater. Nor do they have enough well-developed industrial water filtration systems to improve water quality. 

Lack of cooperation:

Lastly, the international community has failed to cooperate with one another and come up with a valid solution. There are different rivers and other water bodies that are shared by more than one country. A lack of cooperation among the countries has caused huge trouble. People from one country follow the protocols to keep the water body clean while others seem to ignore it. This leads to severe contamination of natural water resources. 

Impacts of water shortage:

This extreme water shortage has many repercussions. These consequences if left untreated may lead to serious troubles for the future of humanity on Earth: 

Food shortage and hunger:

With extreme water scarcity crops may not be able to grow. Most of the agricultural countries rely on water bodies to irrigate their lands. The shortage of crops can increase world hunger and can even ultimately cause people’s deaths in large numbers. 

Diseases and sanitary issues:

Without clean and pure water people are left with no choice but to consume water filled with dangerous substances. Thus increasing the risks of diseases among masses. Furthermore, a situation of such sort may also not leave any water for cleaning and washing purposes. Hence a lot of compromise would have to be made on sanitary conditions. 

Loss of biodiversity:

An extreme shortage of water may have a severe impact on biodiversity as well. Due to inadequate water animals and plants would have nothing to fulfill their hydration needs and thus would start to die. These deaths would impact food chains and can even be a cause of severe environmental depletion. 

How can technology help avoid this situation? 

The picture portrayed above is definitely a bad one. We do not want to end up like that as a society. Thus it’s really important to take significant measures while we still have time. To ensure a sustainable future it is highly vital to use modern methods and technology. At Hunza Global, we offer a wide range of efficient appliances that can provide clean water. From bottleless water dispensers to advanced water filter, shop from Hunza Goal to ensure a sustainable future.