Plastic has led to a new disease in birds

Who is not familiar with the harmful effects of plastic? From distributing marine ecosystems to severe impacts on our environment plastic has a wide range of disadvantages. This material is hard to recycle and mostly gets dumped into landfills and oceans. Unfortunately birds, fish, and terrestrial animals mistake it for food and thus end up consuming it. This plastic consumption can prove immensely dangerous for wildlife and can even take their lives. It has been impacting animals in different ways. One such disease is named Plasticosis by scientists which has been targeting birds, harming and inflaming their digestive tract. With time this disease starts to scar and deform tissues and thus leaves indirect impacts on growth and ultimately makes survival hard for birds. Researchers claim this to be the first reported case of plastic-induced fibrosis among birds. Scientists Dr. Jennifer Laver and Dr. Alex Bond suggested a direct relation between plastic waste consumption and intestinal scarring in young birds. Moreover, the researchers also found out that other kinds of natural materials like pumice stone did not lead to scarring of organs. Thus it was deduced that Plasticosis was particularly caused by plastic consumption.  Bird's Disease The research revealed that birds suffering from the disease appear normal from the outside while their digestive tract is extremely damaged. Scientists further expressed their concerns about the spread of disease across other species in different parts of the world. The research was limited to specific species of specific regions but the disease spread across the globe seems inevitable as plastic has expanded to different parts of the world. Some even suggest all organisms are highly susceptible to harmful material because of the continuous use and dumping of different types of plastic for various purposes. 

How does Plasticosis kill birds?

The process of the attack of this horrifying disease among birds can be highly painful. With continuous exposure to plastic, the tissues of birds start swallowing. The highest level of vulnerability to plastic leads to tubular glands losing their structure. The intense damage to these glands makes these birds prone to attacks from other parasites and infections. The disease further impacts the stomach by hardening it and making it less flexible which affects its ability to digest food. This situation in particular harms young birds and chicks as they cannot hold undigested food in their stomachs for lon time. Ultimately, these poor chicks starve to death because their abdomen gets filled with plastic that cannot be digested. The study found a link between the disease Plasticosis and the growth of young birds. The growth of the bird’s wings was also found to be dependent upon plastic percentage in their stomachs. The amount of plastic also seemed to affect chicks’ and bird’s weight as well. These severe impacts of plastic are raising serious concerns for the future of wildlife on Earth. 

How to prevent it?

All these challenging circumstances are being raised due to plastic pollution. The rise in plastic products leads to more and more concerning health issues for not only animals but humans as well. This issue is getting serious with every passing day and we as a society need to take reasonable actions rapidly. The only solution to tons of nonrecyclable plastic is to replace it with better alternatives. A lot of people would be found claiming that efforts are being made to recycle these plastic products. The truth is quite contrary. Despite repeated efforts plastic has proved to be the hardest material to recycle. The US with all its resources and attempts was able to recycle 5% of the total plastic produced. While the rest of this harmful material ended up in landfills. 

Sustainable water solutions

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Eco-Friendly packaging

Despite the repeated requests from researchers and activists from around the world plastic is still being continuously used. From single-use food packages to using it for packing delivery items, plastic is still pretty commonly used by large companies. There are many biodegradable items that can be successfully used to pack and deliver products safely to their owners. From bubbled wraps to packing peanuts and cardboard, a lot of reasonable plastic alternatives are easily available. At Hunza Global, we are working hard to make our society healthier. From sustainable products to eco-friendly packaging we know how to be responsible.