Learn the story of the FloWater: Appliance from the future

FloWater is the technology that took the world by storm. This newly launched appliance can provide people with convenient yet sustainable solutions outdoors as well. There were a large number of questions people had regarding this newly invented device. We interviewed Nasreen Ali, managing director of FloWater to answer all your questions. Here is what she had to say about the highly efficient water machine:

What is the ideology behind the FloWater machine? 

It was founded eight years ago in Silicon Valley with the belief that everyone deserves access to clean, safe drinking water without the environmentally destructive effects of single-use plastic water bottles. Billions of plastic water bottles are polluting our lakes, rivers, and oceans. This continuous use of plastic bottles is one of the biggest reasons for water pollution. Impurities in our water sources, toxins in single-use plastic bottles, and chronic dehydration are leading to serious health issues, especially in children and women. Our passion is to solve these problems and save the planet.

How does the FloWater refill station work? 

FloWater’s 7x advance system includes 3 stages of water filtration: Firstly, it purifies water through a sediment filter, carbon filtration, and advanced RO system to remove unpleasant odors and all harmful contaminants including microplastics. The second stage is the improvement and enhancement of water by infusion of activated oxygen, essential trace minerals, and natural electrolytes to perfectly balance the water’s pH level. The third stage is the finish of purified and enhanced water through coconut carbon filtration for a crisp, and fresh taste.

How did you come up with the idea of a completely touchless appliance? 

We have been working on a touchless drinking water machine for some time. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we had every reason to launch this option to provide users with a touchless experience. Its foot pedal allows for a safe and sanitary way for customers to access FloWater.

How important sustainability will be in a post-COVID World?

(I believe) sustainability is undoubtedly going to gain greater momentum among consumers. It is part of the curriculum in many schools now, so awareness of how our individual actions are impacting global goodwill only increases. It might also get mandated at some time in the future because as Greta Thunberg says you cannot continue to watch your house burn into ashes when there is a fire.

What are your views about the rapidly evolving drinking water solutions? 

I think they will continue to evolve to be more ecologically friendly and to be healthier for the human body.

Tell some more details about FloWater’s touch-free options.

There is a foot pedal option, which operates independently of the touchscreen for increased protection as a touch-free option. You can also access FloWater by taking your figure close to the touch panel options instead of touching it.

What are your plans for the future? 

We have some stuff planned for the coming years. Flo Faucet is going through trials and we also have plans for a Flo Water countertop in 2022. You read the story idealogy and thoughts behind this highly efficient device of its time. This latest technology is truly ahead of its time and can be an amazing addition to our lives. Utilization of these appliances can allow us to make “no more bottles” become a reality.